Because We Can!

Because famous Zeiss lens manufacturer could, they therefore did.

Manufacture the world’s largest telephoto lens, that is, for a client in search of the ultimate wildlife photography super telephoto lens.

Or, as Saddam would say, the “Mother of all lenses.”


At 1700mm focal length with a f/4 aperture, the Zeiss STL Sonnar T* 4/1700 weighs 256kg and features servo controlled aiming and focusing.

The black shape at the far right is the 6×6 medium format Hasselblad 203 FE camera.

I’m not quite sure how “the client” is taking this into the field — the dude is obviously well off and can therefore make to order a special hummer for just this purpose? No lions on the Serengeti are now safe from prying eyes.

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