Which Is The Fastest Browser: Safari 4 or Firefox 3?

Microsoft Internet Explorer, although having over 73% market share, is quickly losing ground to Firefox and Safari web browsers.

The reason is very simple: Firefox 3 and Safari 4 are very fast!

Firefox 3 is the fastest of all Firefox versions. Safari 4 uses a new and improved JavaScript interpreter code-named SquirrelFish,which is 1.6 times faster than the JavaScript engine in Safari 3.1.

Safari 4 is presently faster than Firefox 3 but the browser race is not over. Firefox plans to combine SpiderMonkey with Adobe’s JavaScript engine called Tamarin, to enable faster code execution.

Pc users will probably flock to Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer may soon become a relic of the past if it is unable keep pace to the browsers’ race.

To download a beta version of Firefox 3, click here.