Should I upgrade to Windows Vista?

Now that the long awaited Windows Vista is out you are left wondering if you should go ahead and upgrade. Afterall it looks so cool and you are being told that its security features have been beefed up. That’s by itself should be a good reason to upgrade. Is it not?

Windows Vista Ultimate

In order to fully appreciate Windows Vista you would need at least the Home Premium edition. The Home Basic edition provides just the essential and would not create the “Wow” effect.

The Home Premium edition is the one most people would likely go for and will dazzle you by its many new features like 3-dimensional opened windows, transparent glass-like menu bars, automatic backup, high definition movie-making etc.

The Ultimate edition combines the Home Premium with the Business edition and is top of the line of Windows Vista. If you intend to use it both at home and for business this edition might be for you.

The problem with the Window Vista operating system is that it requires for the Home Premium and Ultimate versions, at least 1 GB of RAM, 1 GHz processor or higher, at least 40 GB Hard Drive of which 15 GB should be free and a minimum of 128 MB graphics memory to work effectively.

That means, for most people their computers would not be able to handle the operating system. They would need to upgrade the RAM or the CPU. The costs of upgrading both the hardwares and software might not be worth it. It may actually be better to get a new computer with the new operating system pre-installed.

We find it disconcerting that Windows Vista has been designed to gobble up so much computing resources as to make a 3 years old PC somewhat sluggish. Computer manufacturers could not be happier since it will force people to upgrade or buy new ones. It is hard to believe that ten years ago we were able to work with PC with 256 MHz and 4 MB RAM and today a 1 GHz PC with 256 MB RAM will be inadequate. It is our view that a leaner operating system with all the safety and “Wow” effect features could be designed, just like K-Meleon or Opera browsers have been designed to be leaner and faster than Internet Explorer browser.

So back to the question, should we upgrade to Windows Vista or not?

Spotshoppingguide does not recommend going for Windows Vista unless you absolutely need a new PC. But then it will probably be already pre-installed. If not you should then get the Windows Home Premium edition and not the Home Basics.

It is too early to know how safe Windows Vista is. No doubt the hackers are hard at work to find the “Archille’s heel” and to prove to the world that it still has weaknesses and flaws.

We could not help wondering how Mac’s new operating system, OS X Leopard, due for this Spring would be like and whether it will create more “Wow” effect.