T-faL 0,8 l Kettle BI802551 Review

t-fal kettle

The T-faL 0,8 l kettle can boil 800 ml of water, about half the amount the typical kettles would do. If you do not require a lot of hot water, this size may be convenient for you.

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Samsung WB750 Digital Camera Review

What initially caught our attention in the Samsung WB750 digital camera is the wide range of features it offers for that price range,  a 12.5 M BSI CMOS sensor, a 24 mm ultra wide lens and 18x optically-stabilized zoom, full HD video at 30 frames per second, Dual Capture (photo & video simultaneously), etc.

The specs are impressive. The question is, does the Samsung WB750 deliver?
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Samsung NP-QX410-S02CA Notebook Review

The problem with most high performance laptops is that they don’t have a lot of juice when it comes to battery life. At most they last for a few hours before they need recharging. Of course, there are a few who make the cut and Samsung NP-QX410-S02CA is one of them.

The Samsung NP-QX410-S02CA is not only a powerful laptop but it’s also elegant and stylish. It’s one of those thing, you wouldn’t mind using in a public place.

How well does it perform? Does it have a battery life of 7.7 hours?
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Samsung PN50C7000 3D TV Review

Planning to buy a 3D TV?

Whether we like it or not, 3D TV is becoming quickly a reality. If you need a new TV, should you consider a 3D TV or a regular TV?

We have the opportunity to review the Samsung PN507000 Plasma 3D TV.

Did it perform well?
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Best Sleeping Bags Review

If you go backpacking or camping, you would need a good sleeping bag. Otherwise you might end regretting you left your cozy home.

A good sleeping bag should be comfy and protect you from cold. And to choose the right sleeping bag you need to know the following:

  • Is it for backpacking or for for camping with a vehicle?
  • How cold can it get at night?
  • Can you get wet?
  • Do you want to share it?

If you are going for backpacking, you need a small light weight sleeping bag. You don’t want to carry bulky heavy stuff around. In spite of its lightness it should be able to keep you warm wherever you are going. These sleeping bags are normally more expensive.

If you are going camping with a car, then size and weight would not be a major issue.

Even though you go camping in summer, the night can be very cold especially if you are in the wilderness. So it might be wise to get a sleeping bag which will keep you warm even though there might be frost outside.

Some sleeping bags, especially synthetic, can withstand wetness and does not allow water to seep in. Goose down sleeping bags have the best insulating properties and compressibility but they lose their insulation power if water gets in. They are also more difficult to clean.

Which sleeping bag should you choose? What do the sleeping bags reviews say? You need to buy the right sleeping bag and not overspend.
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