Samsung NP-QX410-S02CA Notebook Review

The problem with most high performance laptops is that they don’t have a lot of juice when it comes to battery life. At most they last for a few hours before they need recharging. Of course, there are a few who make the cut and Samsung NP-QX410-S02CA is one of them.

The Samsung NP-QX410-S02CA is not only a powerful laptop but it’s also elegant and stylish. It’s one of those thing, you wouldn’t mind using in a public place.

How well does it perform? Does it have a battery life of 7.7 hours?
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How To Choose The Best Laptop or Notebook?

best laptop or notebook

When someone asked me for the best laptop or notebook I used to recommend a particular model, which I believe, to be the best according to my knowledge and experience.

The problem is that my answer is based on my criteria and it may not necessarily be the same for someone else.
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Worldwide Beta Testers For Notebooks Needed


If you are passionate about computer technology and would like to test a notebook for a period of 3 to 4 weeks intensively you might be interested to participate in the beta test.

You will need to have a variety of USB and Bluetooth devices.

You will need to use this computer as your primary computer or be able to dedicate plenty of time to using it for the duration of the test.

You also will need to install your usual software programs onto the computer for testing purposes.

This is an international beta test. It will include people from China, Germany, India, Japan and the United Kingdom in addition to the United States.

This is a commitment.  Volunteering to beta test means spending time daily engaged in testing and providing feedback in the Centercode system.

If you are unwilling to commit to participate in the beta test, please do not apply.

The company needs objective feedback for their product.

Click to sign up.