Adobe Flash in iPad, iPod & iPhone

The battle between Apple and Adobe Flash is still raging on.

Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 software converts video flash into a format called HTTP Live Streaming, which enables iPads, iPods and iPhones to view the Flash video.

There’s however a problem. Websites who choose to do the conversion will have to fork out $4,500.

Will they be willing to do that or will they eventually switch to HTML5 or other formats?

If they do use Adobe Flash conversion, iPad and Iphone users will soon be able to view flash videos on their devices.

What are your views?

Deals Going High Tech With Phone Applications

If you love deals and hate wasting time looking for them, consider using your smart phone to look for them.

There are a growing number of applications for iPhone, Android and other phones. For the time being iPhone has the most applications.

Here are some wonderful applications which would save you time and money. Over are the days you have to cut coupons, make phone calls or browse through the internet to compare prices.

All those applications are FREE.

After reading this you will probably want to buy an iPhone or a smartphone.
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Blackberry Bold

The latest move by RIM to strengthen its core base of business users and to increase its market’s share among retail consumers is its launch of its high-end Blackberry, the Blackberry Bold, this summer.

The new Blackberry Bold comes with a 624-MHz processor and supports high-speed HSDPA cellular networks. It has WiFi, integrated GPS and a host of multimedia features.

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