Adobe Flash in iPad, iPod & iPhone

The battle between Apple and Adobe Flash is still raging on.

Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 software converts video flash into a format called HTTP Live Streaming, which enables iPads, iPods and iPhones to view the Flash video.

There’s however a problem. Websites who choose to do the conversion will have to fork out $4,500.

Will they be willing to do that or will they eventually switch to HTML5 or other formats?

If they do use Adobe Flash conversion, iPad and Iphone users will soon be able to view flash videos on their devices.

What are your views?

Is The Samsung Galaxy Tab Better Than The iPad?

Samsung takes on Apple with the launching of its 7″ tablet – Galaxy Tab.

What the iPad does not do, the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be able to do, i.e supporting Flash, making phone calls, plays DivX, XviD, MPEG4, H.264, taking pictures and video clips and addition of external memory through microSD.
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7 Reasons Why Apple iPad Will Be A Success

There has been a lot of comments on the Apple iPad, both positive and negative.

Many feel disappointed by its features, in particular that it does not multitask and cannot play flash.

To them, the iPad is just a magnification of the iPod Touch or iPhone.

Perhaps the best expression is conveyed by this video of Adolf Hitler on the Apple iPad.

We have to smile after watching this video.
Millions today would probably agree with Adolf Hitler and follow him.
(By the way, if you understand German, you will see the translation is completely wrong).

In spite of all the criticisms Apple iPad will be a great success.

7 Reasons Why iPad Will Be A Success
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