Sony Ericsson W810i Walkman Review

Appearancewise the Sony Ericsson W810i mobile phone does look very attractive. The satin black color portrays a certain elegance and luxury which reminds us of the higher end black body cameras.

Ericsson W810i Walkman

The mobile phone is relatively sleek (10 x 4.6 x 1.95 cm) and light (99 g). It has surprisingly many features and could almost replace a PDA with its calendar, address book, tasks and note.

With its Quadband GSM (850, 900, 1800 and 1900) it can be used almost anywhere in the world. It has an internet browser, SMS, Chat, email, an FM radio, a 2-Megapixel camera with built-in flash, a MPEG4 video camera and a digital music player.

Its headphone also functions as an FM transmitter, which enables it to play through a FM car radio. Its memory is limited only by the size of the Memory stick Pro Duo. 1 GB memory is normally included on purchase.

We were very pleased with its features. They were pretty easy to use and were functional. It is obvious that the phone is marketed as a music digital player. We however find ourselves often accidentally activating the player as its touch key is very close to one of the main operating keypad. This can be quite confusing when the phone rings and the music player is switched on by mistake. The touchkeys are small and pressing them properly requires some practice.

The speakerphone and the ringing do not sound very loud in noisy surroundings but are very clear in quiet places. We wish they could be louder. We find the PIM easy to use. Too bad the contact informations do not include the addresses. Only the phone numbers could be added. We used the Tasks function extensively to remind us of things to get done. The Note feature is also very useful to keep informations. For important and sensitive informations it has a Code Memo, which requires a password to enable access. If your mobile phone gets lost or stolen that information could not be easily retrieved by someone else (10,000 combinations).

One of the annoying thing we found in keying in numbers is that for number 1 we have to key 13 times before getting that number. We believe it should be at most 3 times. Sony needs to work on that.

The phone can also be used as a very small torchlight and is able to emit S.O.S light signal, which can be handy in difficult situation. It also has a timer, stopwatch and calculator.

Overall Sony Ericsson W810i Walkman is a mobile phone for young people, who are tuned to music. Nevertheless it is a very practical phone to which you can become addicted easily.

Spotshoppingguide Rating (Max: 5)

Features: 4
Appearance: 4.5 (Factor 0.5)
Ease of use: 3.5
Construction Quality: 5

Overall: 4.2

2 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson W810i Walkman Review”

  1. “Its headphone also functions as an FM transmitter, which enables it to play through a FM car radio.”

    That is incorrect. The headphones are the antenna for the FM transmitter. You cannot listen to the radio if you do not have the headphones plugged in. If you want to transmit music to your car stereo, you need to buy the MMR-60, which is an FM transmitter that connects to the W810i’s FastPort.

  2. You are absolutely right. Mookie. The headphone serves as an antenna for the FM transmitter and does not work as a FM transmitter.
    Thanks for making the correction!

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