Swivel Sweeper

We watched it on TV on and on again.

The swivel sweeper glides around the floor and picks up the dirt.

It swivels around to reach inaccessible areas.

It is so light that it can be carried anywhere.

How good is the Swivel Sweeper?

We bought one and used it for several months to see how effective it is.

The Swivel Sweeper is basically four rotating brushes connected to a small motor which sweep the dirt inside a container.

The assembly is pretty straightforward and within minutes it is ready to work.

We are not too pleased with the materials used for the construction of the equipment.

It looks like cheap workmanship as feels like it will break easily.

Our first reaction when we switched it on is surprise at the loud noise it makes.

On the TV ads, it sounds sooo quiet; people can talk to one other while the sweeper is being used.

The reality is that it is very noisy and it will certainly disturb a sleeping baby.

The Swivel Sweeper performs faily well on bare floor and carpet.

It does pick up dirt and particles due to its high-speed rotating brushes.

It maneuvers very well due to its light weight.

It is good for a quick cleaning of the area.

It will not replace a vacuum cleaner or a mop.

These would still be needed if you want to keep your floor dustfree.

Durability of the Swivel Sweeper

After three months the Swivel Sweeper stopped working.

The plastic gear which connects to the rotating brushes was worn out.

There is no replacement for the part. The whole head has to be changed.


Our conclusion is that the Swivel Sweeper is not robust enough to handle the load for a long time.

It is fragile and can break often.

The Swivel Sweeper would have been a great product if it was made of better material with a quiet motor.

The rechargeable battery should be of standard format like AA or AAA. It would last longer and costs cheaper to maintain.

Should the manufacturer heed those recommendations and produce an improved version the Swivel Sweeper would probably be in every household.

Until then we do not recommend the purchase of the Swivel Sweeper.

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