Satellite Radios

Satellite radio is different from traditional radio in that its contents are very specific and selective.

The channels are dedicated to music, sport, traffic & weather reports, news and talk shows.

Almost each music genre has its own channel. You can listen to jazz or the 70s music all day long.

The sport coverage ranges from live NFL football to PGA Tour golf, depending on the stations you are subscribed to.

If you are a businessman and are interested in investment, the financial channels may be the best for you.

You can always keep up-to-date with the latest national and international news.

Howard Stern moved to Satellite Radio so he does not have to worry about what he says on the air anymore because his producers don’t have to worry about offending current and potential advertisers because… Satellite Radio contains no annoying advertising!

Once you discover your niche channel, you will probably not be able to live without satellite radio anymore.

Satellite Radio Companies

Presently there are 2 major satellite radio companies in the USA and Canada: XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio.

Each has over 60 music and 50 news, sport and entertainment channels. XM presently offers more channels than Sirius.

Before you purchase any satellite radio, you should check their programming to see which would best suit you. This is important because an XM radio will not be able to receive Sirius transmission, and vice versa.

Both require a monthly subscription.

In the United States, both XM and Sirius charge US$12.95 a month, plus a one time activation fee of about US$15. Sirius also offers a lifetime subscription of US$499.99.

In Canada, XM charges $12.99 CDN/month (+ a $19.99 CDN one time activation fee), while Sirius charges $14.99 CDN/month (with no activation fee). The subscription can be cancelled at any time.

In Europe, Asia and Africa, the radio satellite transmission is covered by WorldSpace, the first digital satellite radio network. Most of the channels require a subscription fee. Some of the manufacturers for WorldSpace are Panasonic, JVC and Hitachi.

Satellite Radio Kits

Once you have selected the satellite radio company you want to go with (XM, Sirius, WorldSpace), you need to purchase the satellite radio and any kits to complement it.

For example, some of you might want to use it in the car (purchase the car kit) while others prefer to have it at home.

Some of the satellite radios are modular, which means the radio tuner can be used interchangeably with different docking units. This allows for more flexibility in using the same tuner in the car and at home.

There is also personal satellite radio, which comes equipped with a built-in antenna and includes a headphone. With the proper kit, the personal satellite radio can also be used in the car or at home.

Some car manufacturers are including satellite radios (see Links), so perhaps you might consider purchasing a brand that is installed in your favorite car model.

Satellite radios are definitely here to stay: crisp digital sound and selective programming are their main selling points.


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