TomTom Itineraries

One of the advantages TomTom GPS receivers have over receivers from Garmin and other manufacturers is its Itinerary feature.

At any time, only one Itinerary can be active. So, you would typically create multiple Itineraries and save each with a distinct name. Then, load the one you currently want to navigate to.

Editor’s note: We’ll be using the TomTom ONE throughout for our screen views.

Scenario A: Multiple Destinations

If you have multiple destinations along your route, first enter each as a Favorite [Main Menu 1 of 3 – Add Favorite].

Adding Favorites


Next, create an Itinerary [Main Menu 3 of 3 – Itinerary planning] that starts with your first destination and ends with your last. To do that, simply Add each destination, choosing from your Favorites. You’ll end up with a list of separate itineraries — which is not quite what we want here.

Itinerary Planning

Favorites added as itineraries

What we want is one Itinerary with each destination as a Waypoint. It’s very easy to do that: click the first destination and select Mark as waypoint. If you want to rearrange the order, select Move item up or Move item down.

Mark as waypoint

Continue with each destination, marking each as a Waypoint, except the last, which you’ll mark as your (final) destination.

Itinerary with 2 waypoints and final destination

There, you got it: a true Itinerary with multiple stops (waypoints) along the way until your final destination.

Start navigation

To start navigating this Itinerary, click Options and Start navigation.

One word about your last stop. If you are starting at, say a warehouse, and will have to return to the warehouse after all your (delivery) stops, then you may want to enter the warehouse as your final destination.

Scenario B: Create Your Own Route

I find that a GPS receiver will usually suggest a route based on its map, not based on local knowledge of traffic pattern.

For example, say the route suggested from your Home to work is OK if there were not multiple traffic deadlocks along the route. From trying different alternative routes, you eventually find an itinerary that you feel comfortable with and would like to save that so you can remember and use it henceforth.

The best way to create an itinerary in this case is to use the Advanced Planning function [Main Menu 2 of 3 – Advanced planning] and let TomTom suggest its route.

Advanced Planning

Then go into Details and Browse map of route.

Select Details

Select Browse map of route

Zoom in (using the slider to the right of the screen) and tap on the screen to where you want the waypoint to be. Add this as a Favorite, say A1 (click the crosshair to add cursor position as favorite). You can set as many waypoints (A1-An) along the way as you want.

A1 added as a favorite and will be used as a waypoint

Then, as in the first scenario, create a new Itinerary with all these favorites, which will at first be added as individual destinations. As you did above, click on the first destination and select Mark as waypoint. Continue with all destinations (except the final) until they are all waypoints in your new Itinerary.

Creating your own route

There, you have just created your own best route through congested traffic, and which you can now share with other TomTom users driving the same route — or, perhaps not ;o).

Itineraries vs. Via Point

A Via Point is a point you want TomTom to include in the route calculation. In this sense it is similar to Itineraries, except that you can have multiple Waypoints (in your Itinerary) but only one Via Point.

Find alternative

First, do a Navigate to, say from Home to Work (both are Favorites), then tap on the screen to bring up the menu and select Find alternative – Travel via… – and select the via point in the Favorite (or if not already saved as a favorite, you can type in an address or select a point on the map).

Travel via...

Itineraries vs. Navigating to Favorites

An Itinerary with multiple waypoints can be extremely helpful if you want to be sure you do not forget a stop along the way.

However, I’ve found that, depending on how complicated or simple your route is, and how correctly the GPS device calculates your routes, sometimes it’s just as simple to Navigate to… each stop saved as a Favorite.

TomTom Itineraries are powerful and it’s your choice whether to use them or not. Judicious use of them can help you (or your team of drivers) find and share the best routes.

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