Crest Spinbrush vs. Colgate Motion

In our article on electric toothbrushes we strongly recommended their uses.

They are more effective than manual brushing due to the fact that most of us are not disciplined enough to brush our teeth properly.

With an electric toothbrush toothbrushing becomes more or less effortless.
Children especially do not consider toothbrushing a chore anymore.

Toothbrushes without a rechargeable battery are generally inexpensive, about US$ 6 compared to over $30 for those with one.

However by using rechargeable batteries their cost of usage can be kept minimal.
Their brushes are actually three or four times cheaper.

If money may be an issue for you those electric toothbrushes are good alternatives, even if they are not as performant as the high frequency ones.

Of those types two were recommended: The Crest Spinbrush and the Colgate Motion.

The Crest Spinbrush has a rotating brush at the front with another one which moves back and forth at the back.

The Colgate Motion has 2 rotating brushes turning at opposite directions.

Which is more effective – the Crest Spinbrush or the Colgate Motion?

We evaluated both toothbrushes and found the Colgate Motion to be better than the Crest Spinbrush.

The rotating motion of Colgate Motion brushes are faster than those of Crest Spinbrush.

The front rotating brush of the Colgate Motion is smaller and reaches cavities between the teeth easier.

We found the switch for the Crest Spinbrush to be quite hard to activate. This is not user-friendly.

Costwise, the Colgate Motion is about a dollar cheaper and the rechange brush is about half dollar cheaper.

Other battery toothbrushes worth considering are:

Oral-B Vitality Dual Clean Rechargeable
Oral-B Pro-Health
Spinbrush Pro Recharge

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