Mac vs. PC

There is no doubt that the popularity of the PC is due primarily to its price competitiveness and its overwhelming marketshare.

At about two third the price of a Mac, it is possible to buy a PC with the same processing power as that of the Mac.

With the workplace market totally cornered by the PC, it becomes virtually impossible for a Mac user to operate in that environment.

Furthermore the Mac suffers another handicap — Software avalability!

A New Playing Field

With the introduction of Intel processors in the Mac the playing field has sharply changed.

The difference in prices between a Mac and a PC has decreased.

The compatibility issue between operating systems still exists but has been narrowed to the advantage of Mac users.

It is now possible to operate both Mac and Windows OS on the same computer.

Consequently a Mac user is not restricted by the availability of Mac softwares and can operate Windows softwares on his Mac if he chooses to.

MAC v/s PC

Operating system

The Mac OS is undoubtly superior to that of Windows.

Windows OS has always been trying to catch up with Mac and so far has not surpassed it.

Vista, the new Windows operating system, which is due next year, is introducing many functionalities that already exist in the present Mac OS X Tiger.


The design of a Mac is most of the time very elegant and innovative.

It is both simplistic and functional. It definitely enhances any environment.

The iMac monitors display stunning images and resolution and very few PC monitors can rival them in quality.


Dollar for dollar the PC offers better performance than the Mac.

Contrary to PC the Mac does not introduce new models very often.

As a result they are often outdated in term of processing power and memory storage.

However the Mac is usually powerful enough to handle its softwares and most of the popular games.

It is also possible to increase its RAM memory to improve its performance.

One of the nice thing about the Mac is that it is very quiet. PC usually tends to be noisier.

Other Factors

The Mac is basically a multimedia and internet tool.

The softwares included are very good.

They are simple to use and effective .. basically drag and drop style.

The Mac is also excellent for family use.

It allows full parental control for hardware, softwares and internet use.


Using a Mac is like driving a Mercedes or BMW.

It is superior to a PC in many ways.

Now that it is possible to run Windows on a Mac it becomes a more versatile tool.

Although it is more expensive the softwares included are worth it.

It is not the fastest computer but it is very functional.