The right flooring can add enjoyment to your home, reduce allergies and contributes significantly to the value of your house.

The right flooring for your home

It is important to make the right decision first time because it is an important investment and once it is done it stays there for quite some time. People do not renovate flooring every year and it might last ten years or even a life time. This is one of the few things people notice when they come into a house the first time since it occupies a large surface area.

What are the options we have?


  1. Carpets
  2. Vinyl
  3. Hardwood
  4. Laminates
  5. Tiles

To determine which one is most appropriate we need to consider the maintenance aspect and the traffic level for that particular area.


This will be probably be the busiest part of the house. On top of that it also requires a high level of maintenance due to food spill, water splash and utensils falling on the floor. Ceramic tile would be an excellent choice. It is durable and easy to clean. Some have patterns which would mask the appearance of dirt. Avoid using white grout between the tiles as it is hard to clean. Do not use vinyl as dirt tends to accumulate in the crevices.

Living room

As it is an area which is not very often used a more expensive and elegant flooring can be chosen. A beautiful hardwood flooring can uplift and give it a distinctive warmth.


There will be plenty of water and moisture in these rooms. Ceramic tiles and laminates are good choices as they can be wiped off easily. Carpet might be difficult to dry.


These are generally low traffic areas. Carpets, wooden flooring and laminates are the preferred choice. The advantage with carpet is that it gives this warm plush feeling under the feet and it has a good sound-proofing effect. Not only is it attractive it is also durable. The disadvantage with carpet is its tendency to accumulate dirt and requires regular vacuuming. Due to its structure it is not easy to remove the dirt completely. An option would be to use a rug on the laminate or hardwood flooring. For children bedroom or playroom the flooring needs to be very durable as it is going to be heavily abused. Laminates might be better than woodflooring.


This is a relatively traffic intensive area and requires durable flooring. Ceramic tile, marble and granite are good choices. They need to be slip resistant.


There will be a lot of foot pounding and it needs to be durable and slip resistant. Wood and laminate with slip pads are good. Some prefer carpet which has a less slippery surface and cushions the fall of the feet.

Dining room

The flooring has to be stain and wear-resistant. Food will be dropped and drinks will be spilled and carpet is definitely out of question. Ceramic tiles or laminates are the best choices.

Editor recommendations

Always try to match the color and style of the flooring with the surrounding. It has to fit into the decor of the home. Use the best materials you can afford. This is not the area to save. It is better to pay a little more to have a better looking and more durable material than to have to redo the flooring again after a couple of years.
Shop around and compare costs before making the purchase.