Samsung WB750 Digital Camera Review

What initially caught our attention in the Samsung WB750 digital camera is the wide range of features it offers for that price range,  a 12.5 M BSI CMOS sensor, a 24 mm ultra wide lens and 18x optically-stabilized zoom, full HD video at 30 frames per second, Dual Capture (photo & video simultaneously), etc.

The specs are impressive. The question is, does the Samsung WB750 deliver?


Appearance wise, the Samsung WB750 looks attractive and robust.
It measures about 105 x 59 x 25 mm and weighs less than 195 g. Even though it is not that small, we have no issues carrying it in our pocket.

It is comfortable to hold. The finger goes exactly on the shutter button and you don’t require two hands to hold the camera. But if you want to shoot video while taking pictures, it might be better to use both hands as your thumb would have to press on the movie record button (red) at the back of the camera. The photo and video buttons are separate.

There is the usual circular control dial which allows us to adjust the flash, timer and macro.

The camera powers on very quickly. The 3 inch TFT LCD screen is bright and easy to see even in sunlight.

To recharge the battery, it uses a micro USB with a power adapter. It is also possible to recharge from USB to USB connection.


As we pointed out, the Samsung WB750 is rich with impressive features. Let’s look at some of them.

  • 24 mm ultra wide lens and 18x optical zoom (24 ~ 432 mm)
  • 12.5 MP BSI CMOS sensor
  • 1,920 x 1,080p Full HD video at 30 fps
  • Dual Capture (Full HD + 10MP still pictures)
  • Dual image stabilization
  • Smart Face Recognition
  • 10fps Burst Shooting
  • Aperture priority, Shutter priority, Manual and Smart Auto modes
  • Live Panorama
  • 3D Photo
  • Magic Frame
  • Creative Movie Maker
  • Mini HDMI

Dual Capture

What interests us in particular is its ability to take pictures and video at the same time.

Most digital cameras do allow you to take videos but not at the same time. Further, the zoom is often only 4X or 5X, which is not very high.

So if you want to take great pictures and videos, you would then need two equipment, a digital camera and a movie camera, which make it cumbersome.

And then, we face the issue of not able to take a picture while we are recording the video.

With the Samsung WB750, the problem is solved.

How well does the Dual Capture work?

Our test shows that it works well. If we are shooting a video and we decide to take a picture, we just press the shutter button. A small picture will appear at the bottom of the screen. The video is not affected by the shot. The quality of the picture is good.

18X Optical Zoom

There is no doubt that this is one of the most powerful zoom for a digital camera. It is impressive, 24 ~ 432 mm.

Wideangle – 24mm

Zoom 18X – 432mm

If you like nature, this camera is perfect. We notice however that in the video mode, the shot will tend to get out of focus when the zoom is used. The autofocus does not seem to be able to react fast enough.

Smart Auto Mode

The Samsung WB750 offers aperture priority, shutter priority, manual exposure control. We used primarily the Smart Auto mode, allowing the camera to decide which mode (portrait, night, backlight, landscape, sunset, etc.) is the most appropriate. We believe, it does the selection in most cases correctly. If you don’t want to fiddle with the adjustments, this is the mode you should use. However, the camera allows you complete control on the speed and aperture you want to use.

Live Panorama

This feature allows you to shoot a panoramic picture just by holding down the shutter button and sweeping the camera across the scene. The resulting picture is quite amazing.

If you have a large group of people to shoot and not everyone is able to fit in, then this feature be able to help you out.

3D Photos

As we didn’t have a 3D TV, we were unable to test this feature to find out how realistic the pictures would look like.

Image Quality

The WB750 features a 12.5 MP BSI CMOS sensor, which is twice as sensitive as conventional CMOS sensors.

We expect consequently sharper pictures with minimal noise even at low light.

Following are some of the pictures taken at different conditions.

Portrait shot

Church at night (zoom 432mm – handheld)

Artificial flower closeup

Soldier statue

We did not use flash in any of the pictures. We think the sharpness and the color rendering are very good. The quality could have been better if we had chosen 12 MP instead of 5 MP setting.

Creative Movie Maker

This feature allows you to combine your pictures and videos into a professional slide show with soundtrack.  We were simply impressed with the quality of the slide show. The duration of the show is however limited to a number of frames.


The Samsung WB750 is a camera with impressive features, which would allow you to shoot great pictures and movies under a variety of conditions. It is perfect for nature lovers, which require a powerful zoom. We would however not recommend the use of the zoom when shooting videos.

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