Samsung PN50C7000 3D TV Review

Planning to buy a 3D TV?

Whether we like it or not, 3D TV is becoming quickly a reality. If you need a new TV, should you consider a 3D TV or a regular TV?

We have the opportunity to review the Samsung PN507000 Plasma 3D TV.

Did it perform well?

Review of Samsung PN507000

The Samsung PN507000 TV has features similar to other Samsung TVs, like AllShare DLNA Networking, Anynet+, ConnectShare Movie, etc.

It has a very high dynamic contrast of 5 000 000:1 and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The pictures are crisp and vivid. The colors are natural and the black level is very good. The black level is set by default at the mid level, but is adjustable. When we set it at its highest level, it becomes richer and intense — the kind of beautiful black that we prefer.

When we compare it to another 50″ plasma TV from another brand, we can see a marked difference in image quality. We definitely prefer the picture quality from the Samsung. They are brighter and more intense. You can switch the settings to use less power, but the image quality suffers. We prefer not to use those settings.

Perhaps what is most interesting is the Convert 2D images into 3D feature. The moment we turn it on, the 2D display on screen blurs. Don the 3D glasses and the 2D images gain some 3D quality.

Amazingly there seems to be depth in the 2D picture. You can see things flying around. It is definitely different and much more exciting than watching regular 2D. However there is a slight degradation in picture quality and graininess will appear at low light.

It is possible to use this feature (2D to 3D) when watching 2D movies from a regular DVD player but the quality leaves much to be desired and the 3D effect is not that good. It is best to use a Blu-ray disc and a Blu-ray player.

This feature also works while watching TV in High Definition. We have to admit that the 3D effect generated from 2D is not as convincing as that straight from a 3D movie — but it’s still pretty good.

3D Viewing

The Samsung PN507000 TV will switch to 3D immediately when you play a 3D DVD. So there is nothing to adjust. Of course, you need to wear 3D glasses.

The glasses are recharged through a USB connection. You can plug them into your laptop, use a battery charger with a USB port (for about $3.50) and connect to a power supply directly.

As mentioned, when turned on, the glasses darken and the images you see through them also appear slightly darker.

How are the 3D effects?

You won’t duck when an object is thrown straight at you but otherwise the 3D effect is still quite realistic. Overall, we enjoy it.

You need to find your optimum viewing distance, taking into consideration the warning not to sit too close to the screen. But if you sit too far, you won’t experience the best 3D effect. So, the technology still has some improvements to go before the whole family can enjoy optimum 3D viewing from all angles and distances.


As typical with most of Samsung TV, you can access the Internet through a LAN or wirelessly. We are able to view YouTube, Google map, Picasa and other websites.

It is really interesting to be able to access the Internet through apps but there are not too many of these apps (even after we updated the firmware).


Daily Motion


Google Map


Like it or not, it is just a matter of time before most TV programs and movies migrate to 3D. If you are planning to purchase a new TV, get a 3D one and then you won’t need to purchase one when 3D becomes popular. Or, wait for the technology to mature. It’s your choice.

The Samsung PN50C7000 is a 3D TV with great features. We like its slimness and great picture quality. The Convert 2D to 3D feature is a winner since it means you can start enjoying 3D now even if there isn’t much 3D content available yet. Accessing the Internet through the TV is also a feature we like. Not too many TVs have all these features.

2 thoughts on “Samsung PN50C7000 3D TV Review”

  1. I really hope the transition to 3D happens later, rather than sooner. I am not looking forward to replacing all my LCDs with newer models. It seems 3D may take awhile to catch on because its such an investment with the TV, glasses, etc. I am content as is, I know that much.

  2. My sons and I all checked out the demo of this TV at the electronics store and were hooked. Like the other commenter, I’m not looking forward to upgrading (we’re tv fanatics with way too many plasma flat screens in the house) but I’m going to hold off for a bit. With HD, I felt like the hype happened before the product was widely available and I can see where 3D might be the same way. Of course, remind me I said that the next time I’m standing at the electronics store again drooling over the great picture of a 3D tv…. 😉

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