Samsung ML-1665 Laser Printer Review

The Samsung ML-1665 is the smallest monochrome laser printer we have ever encountered.

It occupies an area of about 0.85 sq.ft (13.4″ X 8.8″), which is about half the size of an average laser printer.

Because it is relatively light (4.9 kg) and small, it’s easy to move around and to place on any table.

But can this small printer deliver? We reviewed the Samsung ML-1665 laser printer and here’s our evaluation.

Samsung ML-1665 Laser Printer Review

The Samsung ML-1665 is one of the two laser printers (ML-1660 and ML-1665) which were recently launched by Samsung with the intuitive One-Touch feature.

It allows you to instantly prints what you see on your computer screen by simply pushing a button. There’s no need to capture the screen with a software and then activate the printing.

Whereas most printers have their power button located at the side or at the back of the printer, making it more difficult to access, Samsung placed its power button on the front panel, making it very easy to turn it on or off.

Therefore the printer does not have to go on stand-by mode and keep consuming power.

Even on power consumption the Samsung ML-1665 consumes less power than most printers. On power save mode it consumes about 2.8 W compared to 9.6 W. When it’s working it consumes about 270 W compared to over 500 W for most regular printers. On ready mode the power consumption is 40 W and on power off mode it is 0.45 W.

With the Samsung’s AnyWeb Print software you can drag and drop select content from web pages onto a new blank page on their PC screen and then print it.

It works with Internet Explorer browser. After downloading the latest version on Samsung website and installing it, there will be a Samsung AnyWebPrint button on the toolbar.

You simply click on it and then select the area you want to print. You drag the selected zone to a blank page on the side. Once you have everything you want to print, you can save it as TIFF or PDF or go ahead and print the page.

You print only what you want and this saves paper and toner. Remember the most expensive consumable in a printer is the ink or toner. They are actually more expensive than perfumes volume wise.

The 150-sheet tray supports plain paper in various sizes, letterhead, envelopes, labels, custom-sized media, postcards, and heavy paper.

It has a watermark option which allows you to print text over an existing document.

The first page or all pages can have large gray letters reading “DRAFT” or “CONFIDENTIAL” printed diagonally. You can make your own watermarks.

The ML-1665 is compatible with Mac and Linus operated computers.

Printing Quality

The Samsung ML-1665 prints at a resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi.

We printed a typical test page and scanned the result. You can compared the original test page and the scanned printed page.

The resolution and sharpness are pretty decent. We expected a degradation in image quality as it is a scanned print.

Test Page
Printed Page

We think the resolution is sufficient for document printing. The Samsung ML-1665 is not designed for photos printing.

Printing Speed

The speed of printing is relatively fast (17 pages-per-minute). We didn’t have to wait long for the print to appear once we activated the printing.

The printing operation is very quiet, not as noisy as some ink-jet printers.

Cost Per Page

The toner cartridge MLT-D1042S costs about $83 and gives about 1,500 prints., which means a copy costs about 5.5 cents.

We would estimate the real cost per page to be about 6.5 cent. Of course, it all depends on what you are printing.


The Samsung ML-1665 monochrome laser printer is the most compact laser printer presently on the market and performs well compared to more expensive printers.

If you have limited space, that printer would be a good choice. It is not expensive and it gives decent prints at reasonable cost.