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Who hasn’t ever bought something and felt very upset or very pleased about it. We always tried to obtain the best value for the money we spent. But somehow we don’t always make the right choice.

Spotshoppinggguide would like you to share your experiences by contributing to its website. You can post a comment or make a review of something you have purchased. This will benefit all the consumers and enable them to make wiser choices. We would spend less money on junks.

Why reviews are important

There are so many products in the market and it is impossible to review them all. However if everyone shares their experience on ANY product, regardless of brands, costs or popularity, it becomes easier to get information about that product. Aren’t we happy when we search the web and find what we are looking for? How many times we search for something and there are no review whatsoever on that item? This leaves us in the dark. We have no information to make a decision.

How you can contribute to the website

You can contribute in so many ways. Every little contribution counts!

  1. You can simply post a comment to any article, expressing your view about it. This feedback helps the editors to improve on their work.
  2. You can review a product you have used. You feel very excited about it and want to recommend it to others. Or you may feel very frustrated about it and want to guard consumers from buying it. In whatever case you are helping us to make informed decisions.
  3. You can also post a news item which would benefit consumers. It can be about the latest product on the market, product health issues and whatever you think consumers should know about.
  4. Last but not least you could link our site to other websites so that more people could benefit from it.

In all those postings and reviews you will be acknowledged as the rightful contributor. Although we understand that many of you will do so just to serve others we also want to keep track of your contributions through a system of points.

For every comment there will be 2 points.

For a review or news it will be 10 points.

For a link it will also be 10 points.

How to review a product

A product review does not have to be very complicated. We do not expect you to be exhaustive. We want to keep it simple but factual and objective. Here are some guidelines how to make a good review.

  1. Mention the name of the product, the brand and the model number.
    This is very important. People can only search if these information are available.
  2. Mention how long you have been using it. This will give the reader an idea about the evaluation period and about the durability of the product.
  3. Mention what you like and what you don’t like and why.This is perhaps the most important part. We do not expect you to make scientifically readings or measurements. We understand this is not possible but if we explain why we like or dislike something we are trying to be as objective as possible in a subjective way.


    I like the Vacuum X123 because it is so light and its dust container is big.

    What I don’t like is its power cord, which is only 8 feet long and I have to keep changing outlets. its suction power is also not strong enough. I can still find pet hair on the couch.

    Consumers already have an idea what the problems are. They can decide if they can live with them or not.

  4. You can include pictures if you have them, especially parts you want to draw attention on. If you don’t have, that’s fine. We can sometimes add a picture for the posting.
  5. If a review has only pros (positives points) and no cons (negative points), chances are great that people will think you are not objective. There is no such thing as a perfect product.

We hope these points will help you to review products properly. They are just guidelines. If you need more information do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to receive your comments and reviews.

Welcome to the team!

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