Pentax Optio A30 and W30

Pentax recently introduced two new cameras: Optio A30, a 10 megapixels camera and Optio W30, a 7.1 megapixels waterproof camera.

Pentax Optio A30

The PENTAX Optio A30 features a 1/1.8 inch CCD and an improved Shake Reduction (SR) technology which combines both Digital and Movie SR for improved image capture in low-light settings and telephoto capture.

Further it has a unique Face Recognition AF & AE function that automatically detects faces and readjusts exposure and focus to properly capture portraits.

The Pentax Optio A30 can also record high-quality DivX video.

The Optio W30 is the 5th waterproof digital camera from Pentax and can capture images underwater up to 10 feet for 2 hours.


The 2.5 inch LCD monitor offers an LCD Bright Mode that can adjust the brightness of the screen as necessary for improved viewing in the sunlight.

Similar to the Optio A30 it also features both Digital and Movie SR modes to reduce blur in both image and video capture and the Face Recognition function.

The Pentax Optio A30 is priced at about US $350 while the Optio W30 will cost about US $300.