Nikon at PMA 2006

Nikon Nikon Coolpix S6
Nikon is presenting seven (7) new digital camera models at PMA 2006.

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PMA 2006

PMA 2006The PMA 2006 International Convention and Trade Show is the world’s largest annual photo imaging trade show. Continue reading PMA 2006

Robot Seal Paro in Nursing Homes

Paro looks like a seal but is in fact a robot. It is however different from other robot.

Developed by Dr.Takanori Shibata as a Mental Commitment Robot, Paro is able to help people get well faster.

Is Paro a robot doctor?

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Is Teflon Coating Dangerous?

Teflon coating can be harmful to your health!

Almost every cooking utensil now a day has some kind of Teflon coating on it.

Teflon Pan

The Teflon coating prevents the food to stick to it during cooking. Very little oil is now required. This sounds perfect for health conscious people.

With Teflon utensils we consume less fatty food and we save on oil consumption. Utensils are easier to clean.

But eventually the Teflon comes out with time, in spite of the advertisement showing a chef unsuccessfully scratching the Teflon coating with a knife.

The One Million Dollars question is, where did the Teflon go?
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