The New Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper has always been known for its thrifty gas consumption. Its small size and weight contributed heavily to that.

The 2007 Mini Cooper model D is equipped with a diesel engine and reaches a gas consumption of only 3.8 L per 100 km (74 m.p.g).

However in 2008 BMW is equipping all the Mini Coopers with BMW Efficient Dynamics technology, which will decrease the gas consumption further.

It is basically a mild Hybrid technology system, which shuts off the engine when the car is stationary and restarts the engine with electricity generated from the Brake Energy Regeneration when the gas pedal is depressed.

New Mini Cooper

The new redesigned Mini Cooper, although retaining the bonnet, is more aerodynamics. Due to safety requirements the length has been increased by 6 cm.

To improve legroom space at the back the rear of the front seats have been sculpted out. The grille has been restyled and the front end raised.

The indicators have been placed inside the headlights, which themselves are now fixed to the front quarter panels so that they do not raise up when the bonnet opens.

The boot of the new car has an additional 10 litres of load space.

If gas consumption and environmental issues are important to you the new Mini Cooper might be the car to consider.

Reference: The New Mini Cooper