How Good Are Refurbished Or Recertified Products?

Refurbished or recertified products are often on sale and they look like bargains. The question is, how good are the refurbished or recertified products?

Are refurbished or recertified products as good as new? Aren’t we better off paying a little more for a new product than a refurbished one? How confident are we buying a refurbished or recertified item?

To answer these questions we need to understand, what is a refurbished product? What is the definition of a refurbished or recertified product?

What is a refurbished or recertified product?

There is no difference between a refurbished or recertified product. Both are used interchangeably at retailers. Recertified is becoming increasingly popular as it conveys a “certification” process whereas refurbished sounds more like a rework has been done.

A product is labeled as refurbished or recertified for the following reasons:

The product has a manufacturing defect and is returned to the company. The company fixes the problem, tests it and ships it back as a refurbished or recertified product.

A consumer buys a product and returns it to the retailer within the return time frame. The retailer may return the product to the manufacturer, where it is inspected and repacked for sale as a refurbished or recertified item.

During shipping the box gets damaged and although the product is in perfect condition it is sent back to the manufacturer for inspection and repacking. It will come back as a refurbished or recertified product.

A product may suffer minor external damage, like a dent or scratch. It can be sold as a refurbished or recertified product if it is repacked by the manufacturer.

Some retailers would return their demo units to the manufacturers. These products will be rechecked, have some parts changed and sent back as refurbished or recertified to the retailers.

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In all cases the manufacturer has the responsibility to ensure that the returned item is checked for defects and fixed before it is shipped back as a refurbished or recertified product

Consequently a refurbished or recertified product should be in good working condition.

But the fact is that it is not always the case. It all depends on the manufacturer’s control procedures. Some manufacturers might have a quick quality check, whereas others have the products undergo a complete evaluation just as it was a newly manufactured product.

So in some cases all the defects might not be localized and the product might still be defective when it is reshipped as refurbished or recertified.

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  1. Buying [products] on clearance is a great way to save a bunch of income. Just because they are offered at a discount does not mean it is really an imitation or a ruined style. Most of the types available at clearance prices are just discontinued kinds that retailers have an abundance of, and they are reasonably priced.

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