Gee, Another Digital Camera Company

In a “Johnny come lately” announcement, GE are “introducing the first digital cameras that are worthy of the GE name” at PMA 2007. Gee, I guess all of us who bought into Canon, Fujifilm, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax and Sony better hide our digital cameras before someone notices.

GE sample cameraWell, the cameras are really generics with the GE logo branded on them.

It just goes to show that anyone can get their brand on a digital camera these days. The established camera manufacturers are playing this private labeling game, so why shouldn’t others enter the market and also claim their slices of the lucrative pie?

But, does the world need yet another digital camera company? General Imaging (the new company) and GE (who is licensing its name to be used on the “new” digital cameras) think so.

Hey, GE/GI is promising that every digital camera (of which the images at right are a “sample”) will have image stabilization and high ISO capability. Optical, CCD-shift, or digital image stabilization? You’ve got to ask these questions. And, no, they did not promise low-light capability, so don’t get too excited — just high ISO capability. (High ISO means you can take pictures in low-light but without an actual low-light capable image sensor, the pictures come out with lots of noise and/or washed out details.) So, what’s new?

When GE gets into the compact digital camera business, the slices of the pie get smaller for everyone in an already too-crowded market. We predict that soon you will not be able to distinguish one digital camera brand from another: they will all be the same generic camera with different logos stamped onto it.

GI is staffed with photo industry veterans who have worked with Sony, Olympus, Samsung, Ricoh and Arcsoft, but will their combined experience and expertise be enough to put a GE-branded digital camera into the hands of every American?

What do you think? Will you be seen walking and snapping away with a GE digital camera?

PMA 2007 is March 8-11 in Las Vegas. GE is gambling it will succeed so where better to launch their new product line than in the gambling capital of America?

Reference: GE General Imaging

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