Deals Going High Tech With Phone Applications

If you love deals and hate wasting time looking for them, consider using your smart phone to look for them.

There are a growing number of applications for iPhone, Android and other phones. For the time being iPhone has the most applications.

Here are some wonderful applications which would save you time and money. Over are the days you have to cut coupons, make phone calls or browse through the internet to compare prices.

All those applications are FREE.

After reading this you will probably want to buy an iPhone or a smartphone.


To use the ShopSavvy application your phone must have a camera.

All you have to do is to scan the bar code of the product you are interested in using your phone camera.

ShopSavvy will then find the best prices online and locally.

You can immediately place the order online or drive to the place to buy it.

So quick you won’t believe it.

It will also give you the reviews on that product so that you can find out if it is good or not.

If the price is too high you can place a price alert so that you will be informed when it drops to the level you want.

Cool, isn’t it?

Check the videoclip

ShopSavvy is presently available for iPhone and Android phone.

Download the FREE ShopSavvy Application.


MobiQpons uses your GPS to locate your whereabouts and then tell you in a 10 miles radius the stores where there are coupons offers.

You can pick the ones you need and find out how much you would save.

At the cash register show your phone with the coupon display to get your discount.

You can also save the offers for later use. You can find offers in other areas too.

No more need to go through the flyers or to download coupons online. You have all the coupons in your phone.

And at the end of the day you can brag how much you have saved as it tells you the total saving amount.

Cool, isn’t it?

MobiQpons is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

More and more retailers are participating in the program and its acceptance is growing rapidly.

Download the FREE MobiQpons Application


What WalletZero does, is that it stores your favorite membership or loyalty information on your iPhone, so you don’t have to carry your loyalty cards everywhere.

This will first lighten your wallet considerably and then you will never miss rewards points because you forgot to bring that particular card with you.

You simply select your reward program and enter in your barcode number. Your iPhone will then produce the barcode and store it for eventual use.

When asked to scan your card, you simply present the barcode on your iPhone. And it’s done!

If your reward card has no barcode there are other options available, which allow you to store non-barcoded airlines, hotels, etc.

Download the FREE WalletZero Application.

WalletZero is presently available for the iPhone only.

Coupon Sherpa

Coupon Sherpa is similar to MobiQpons.

You can get in-store specials and online coupons through your iPhone for the particular store you are shopping in.

After your shopping, check for any discounts or offers for that store. Present the phone with the discount coupon on display to the cashier and you are done.

Coupon Sherpa was initially free but is now on sale for $1.99.

Download the Coupon Sherpa Application.

Coupon Sherpa is presently available for the iPhone only.

Deals hunting become easier than never before. These applications will definitely save you money and make life much easier.