Is The Samsung Galaxy Tab Better Than The iPad?

Samsung takes on Apple with the launching of its 7″ tablet – Galaxy Tab.

What the iPad does not do, the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be able to do, i.e supporting Flash, making phone calls, plays DivX, XviD, MPEG4, H.264, taking pictures and video clips and addition of external memory through microSD.
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Samsung ML-1665 Laser Printer Review

The Samsung ML-1665 is the smallest monochrome laser printer we have ever encountered.

It occupies an area of about 0.85 sq.ft (13.4″ X 8.8″), which is about half the size of an average laser printer.

Because it is relatively light (4.9 kg) and small, it’s easy to move around and to place on any table.

But can this small printer deliver? We reviewed the Samsung ML-1665 laser printer and here’s our evaluation.
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Dietary Supplement – Vita Breath, Dangerous For Health

On May 1, 2010 the FDA warned consumers and health care professionals not to consume Vita Breath, due to its high lead content.

Vita Breath is a herbal dietary supplement,which purports to help people suffering from Asthma.

It is manufactured by American Herbal Lab and marketed on the Internet for $65 (60 capsules).
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Cigarette Butts Prevent Steel Corrosion

Would you believe that cigarette butts can be used to save million of dollars by preventing steel to corrode?

This amazing discovery was published by the American Chemical Society’s bi-weekly journal Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research.
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Sony Dash Challenges iPad

Sony’s Dash, a Wi-Fi touch screen device that brings Real-Time Internet Content, is on sale for about $199.

It has a 500Mhz processor with 32kB I/D L2 cache and 256 MB, 667MHz DDR2 DRAM.

Dash features a 7-inch color touch screen with Wi-Fi connection.

There are over 1,000 free applications for news, calendars, weather, sports, and social networking.

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