Adobe Flash in iPad, iPod & iPhone

The battle between Apple and Adobe Flash is still raging on.

Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 software converts video flash into a format called HTTP Live Streaming, which enables iPads, iPods and iPhones to view the Flash video.

There’s however a problem. Websites who choose to do the conversion will have to fork out $4,500.

Will they be willing to do that or will they eventually switch to HTML5 or other formats?

If they do use Adobe Flash conversion, iPad and Iphone users will soon be able to view flash videos on their devices.

What are your views?

The Top 10 Christmas Gifts

Christmas is around the corner. It’s gifts time and … shopping time!

What are the Top 10 Christmas Gifts people would love to receive?

Knowing that makes it easier for us to buy the right gifts, which will most likely be appreciated by others.

The smile and the twinkling of the eyes would come from the heart as they discover their gifts.

Here are the Top 10 Christmas Gifts.

  1. The iPhone
  2. iPhone

    Almost everyone would love to have an iPhone.

    It is the best mobile phone in the world at present, crushing all its competitors like Blackberry, Nokia, LG, Sony …

    If you have an iPhone, it means you have also an iPod, a camera, a videocam, a GPS, a gaming machine and a WiFi computer.

    Yes you have everything to keep you busy and happy.

    You can hardly go wrong by giving an iPhone as a present.

    Can you imagine, the person receiving the iPhone, saying, “Oh no, an iPhone!”

     Elan Form Graphite | Two layers of protection for your iPhone or iPod touch

  3. A Widescreen High Definition TV
  4. hdtv

    This gift would in particular makes a husband happy. The whole family would actually enjoy it but the men, mostly.

    Men are couch potatoes by nature and there’s nothing more exciting than watching a game or a movie in front of a big screen.

    The prices of LCD and plasma TV have dropped sharply in the past few years.

    It is possible to get a very good HDTV for under a thousand bucks.

    This gift will bring a lot of joy to the whole family, regardless who gets it.

  5. Wii Nintendo
  6. wii nintendo

    This is one game where kids and grandparents find easy to play.

    It is truly a family game free of violence and gore. Everyone will have a lot of fun and excitement moving their arms and bodies.

    It is healthy too, unless you hit your opponent with the remote.

    The price has dropped to under $200.

  7. Zhu Zhu The Hamster
  8. zhu-zhu-hamster

    Zhu Zhu the pet hamster is so popular that it is out of stock a few weeks ago.

    Kids love it. They look so cute as they move around. There are different colors with different names: Pipsqueek, Num Nums, Chunk.

    So if you want to surprise your small kid, give him or her one. They will adore it.

  9. Kindle
  10. kindle

    This is the perfect gift for a woman, who enjoys reading. Some men may like it too.

    It is the electronic book which allows you to read almost anything in the world.

    You can download newspapers, magazines, blogs and all kind of books within 60 seconds. through WiFi.

    You can store 1,500 books in it to read at your leisure or you can simply download them if you have WiFi connection.

    You can also listen if you are too tired to read.

    She will love you for that gift.

  11. A GPS Navigator
  12. navigon-8100t

    GPS navigators, once considered a luxury, is now so cheap that no one cares to steal it.

    Still it is such a useful gadget and can help you save a lot of time when driving in unfamiliar places.

    Each car should have one and if you haven’t you should consider buying one.

    There are so many models and some are better than others. Garmin is probably the most popular brand and is very reliable.

    Tom Tom GPS are pretty good too, especially with some unique features.

    The most impressive are perhaps the latest Navigon with its 3D view and Real-Time Traffic Updates for Life. It would even show you which lane to take on the highway.

    Lamonir, Inc.

  13. A Netbook
  14. netbook

    Over is the time you have to lug a heavy laptop when you need a computer to work outside your home.

    Netbooks are light, small and cheap. They are perfect for browsing, emailing and for regular office work.

    You can get one around $280, not bad for a computer. The more expensive ones have more frills and whistles.

  15. iPods
  16. iPod

    The iPod Touch is similar to the iPhone but without the phone, camera and GPS. Else it can do about the same things.

    The iPod, whatever the models, remains popular and is the MP3 player to own. It has become a status symbol among young people.

  17. Caster Boards
  18. caster-boards

    They are so cool! Young boys would love it. It is a cross between a skateboard and a snowboard.

    Caster board is the perfect ride for kids looking for the next big thrill.

    The board is distinguished by its pivoting deck and 360-degree inclined caster trucks, which offer a snowboard-like carving ability.

    A simple weight transfer lets you turn or accelerate without pushing, just like when you’re carving down the slopes.

    If your kid receive one of these, they will jump over you and think you are the best dad or mom in the world.

  19. Video Games
  20. If you have a game console at home, you can bet that the latest game on the market will be a gift hit.

    To games addicts, there is nothing better than a new exciting game, where they are transported to an unfamiliar world, where their adrenalin rush like crazy electrons.

    Find out which game console the person has and look for the latest exciting game for that console.

    That shows to the person you do care for his welfare.

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Now that you know the Top 10 Christmas Gifts, select the ones you think will be best for the individuals and look forward to the vow effect and explosion of joy, when they receive them.

You will be remembered as the one who gives wonderful gifts.

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CES Award-Winning ACOUSTIBUDS™ Earphone Adapters

ACOUSTIBUDS earphone adapters won the CES Award.


“The rankings show that Amazon customers recognize how important the fit of the earphone to the ear is to the listening experience with any personal media player.” said John Burton of Burton Technologies, LLC. “We are grateful to our customers for embracing this fundamentally simple and affordable product, and for generating such a positive response to Acoustibuds in a short period of time.”

Simple in design but dramatic in effect, the Acoustibuds are formed from very soft hypoallergenic silicone rubber. This material, the fin geometry and the earpiece structure help to conform to the shape of the ear and provide increased comfort.

The Acoustibuds improves the acoustic quality, fit and functionality of earphones sold with iPods, iPhones, MP3 players as well as select Bluetooth headsets.

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Blackberry Bold

The latest move by RIM to strengthen its core base of business users and to increase its market’s share among retail consumers is its launch of its high-end Blackberry, the Blackberry Bold, this summer.

The new Blackberry Bold comes with a 624-MHz processor and supports high-speed HSDPA cellular networks. It has WiFi, integrated GPS and a host of multimedia features.

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The Best Loudspeaker For an iPod

If you have chosen an iPod instead of some other MP3 players it means you are looking for the best. Apple products are pretty expensive but they are very good.

Now that you have an iPod you might want to use it for indoor or outdoor music. Since the player is excellent all you need are loudspeakers and an amplifier.

The question is, which one should you choose among the myriads which have sprung up like mushrooms? Does it really make a difference?

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