The New iMac – Is it worth buying?

New iMacIf you have been waiting for the new Apple computer you may have mixed feelings for the latest iMac.

The new iMac does look more elegant and attractive than the previous one with the new enclosure made of aluminium and glass even though the shape has not been changed.

The black rim does seem to give the image a better contrast. By making it slimmer, only 1/3 of an inch, the screen appears less bulky.

There is no doubt that Apple excels in innovation and design. An iMac is not simply a computer. It is also an object of art to many.

Although iMac features the latest video graphics, ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO with 256MB of GDDR3 memory and wireless connectivity 802.11n it does not come with Intel Quad-Core processor. This is found only in the Mac Pro Workstation presently. The Quad-Core processors will be appearing very soon in the new computers, which means that the new iMac will be outpaced in a few months. Apple will probably update the iMac by then.

Many expected that Apple new operating system, Leopard, would make its entry with the latest iMac. It appears that it is not ready yet and Microsoft may have made it harder with its security features for Mac OS to dual boot. Apple has included a spreadsheet for the new iMac. If it is fully compatible with Microsoft Excel then iMac might eventually become a work computer, which would increase its market share exponentially. Right now the iMac is a home and leisure computer.

So should you buy an iMac now?

The answer is yes if you really need one now. This new iMac will definitely make your life more enjoyable. Like we said before, the difference between an iMac and a pc is uncomparable. It is like day and night. Even though the pc may have more processing power the difference is barely perceptible. iMac performs and elegantly too. Contrary to Microsoft Vista which is “overweight” and requires huge amount of random access memory to work, Mac OS Tiger is relatively fast.

If you are waiting for the new Mac OS, Leopard, and you can still work on your present computer then don’t buy the iMac. By that time the updated iMac may feature the quad-core or 8-core processor.