BevWizard – Smoother wine?

This is a device which improves the taste of wine by making it less astringent and bitter. An inexpensive wine will apparently taste like an expensive wine after being treated.

The cause of these unpleasant favors are due to the presence of tannins and other polyphenols in the wine.

BevWizard uses a high intensity magnetic field with an aerator to cause the small hard tannins particles to agglomerate together to large smooth tannins.

As a result, the pleasant fruity underlying flavor of the wine becomes more pronounced, and the wine is smoother to drink.

According to the manufacturer, BevWizard costs $ 29.95 and pays itself within 5 bottles usage. This means the value and quality of the wine increases by $6 through the use of BevWizard. has not tested if BevWizard really works or not. There are a lot of skepticism as to how a magnet can cause the tannins to bind together since the tannin particles may not be highly charged in an acidic medium and the time going through the magnetic field is extremely short.

If any of you has tried out the BevWizard please let us know how you feel about it.