Best Camping Tents


It’s camping time and you need a good tent which will not give you any trouble and will make your camping enjoyable. To pick the best one should not entail any problem if you have no financial constraint. But if you are like most of us, who don’t want t0 spend more than necessary, then we have to find the best within a certain price range.

Price is not a constraint

BubbleTree GrandLodge


This tent is for those who want to camp and enjoy nature in luxury. It is designed by a French man, Pierre Stéphane Dumas under the brand, Bubble Tree.

They are spheric in shapes, fully or partly transparent and is easily set up with a pump. There are different sizes from CrystalBubble to GrandLodge, which consists of 4 permutable modules.


The basic module costs over $11,000. So you can probably figure out approximately how much you would have to spend for the Grandlodge.

It will indeed be a unique experience to sleep under the stars without having to worry about the rain or bugs coming in.


For more information, click on BubbleTree.

Tent over $500

REI Kingdom 8 



Outdoor Gear Lab awarded the Editor’s Choice to the REI Kingdom 8 tent because they found it to be very comfortable tent, easy to set up and it had great head room, convenient dividers, and a huge vestibule.

rei-kingdom8-3 The REI Kingdom 8 is about 6.5 ft high and allows tall people walk throughout the entire tent. It has an area of 105 sq.ft. and can house up to 8 persons. It  has an internal divider, is fitted with mesh walls and ceilings and is very well-ventilated. Its rain fly covers the entire tent and protects against a storm.

Set up and taking down takes about 15 minutes with two people. When packed in its own carrying backpack, its size is only 25 x 17 x 9.5 inches and it weighs about 10 kg.


Tent under $160

 Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent

coleman-instant 6

What is extraordinary about the Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent is that it can be set up or yaken down within 1 minute. So if you dread camping because you find the setting up of a tent too complicated and tedious, the Coleman is perfect for you.

It has enough floor space for two queen-sized air mattresses, and can fit in 6 persons. 

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