About Us

Spot Shopping Guide knows how tedious and time consuming it is to look for reviews when we want to buy something.

There are so many product reviews that it simply takes too much time to go through all of them.

For some product reviews like Consumer Report you need to be a subscriber to access the information.

Worse each of the reviews may have different recommendations, making it more confusing and difficult to come to a final decision.

We decided to do the work for you and to check the product reviews we believe are factual and then to present the result to you in the most simple summarized version.

You will know at a glance the BEST and TOP RATED products recommended by the reviewers.

We want you to get the BEST products for the least cost and which will give you a lot of satisfaction in years to come.

Product Testing

We also receive products for reviews and we evaluate them and publish the results objectively.

We do not get paid to write up a review.

Our site is solely supported by advertising that are sourced from advertising brokers.

If you want us to review certain products or if you’d like to submit products for reviews, don’t hesitate to email us.

Your comments and suggestions will always be appreciated.

Please do not spam us. We would delete any inappropriate comment.

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